‘The Pauly D Project’ review: Now with (some) ‘Jersey Shore’

Get crazy. Get loud.

Even though Pauly D was the only cast member from “Jersey Shore” (as per the usual) on Thursday night’s new episode of “The Pauly D Project,” the spirit of the Snooki was very much alive. Why? Let’s just say that everyone had a little too much of “a good time” while partying the night away at Rain.

The problem with this? It’s a bit different than Pauly going to Karma with the Seaside Heights crew. He’s working here, but was still having to deal with his pal Ryan continuing to push his drinks his way. Pauly didn’t turn them down, and it made Biggie angry. Eventually, things did sort themselves out, but not before his friend Angel decided to emulate what Snooki and Deena did at the club in Italy back during season 4.

Basically, the rest of the episode was deal with the drunken aftermath of the accident. Angel was bombed, Ryan was angry, and Biggie was desperate to restore order. Unfortunately, the complaining and stressing the induced was far less funny than it is on the “Shore,” and we really didn’t see anything beyond the people being hung over.

Ultimately, this episode of the “Project” highlighted the worst of the series, and also made us miss the “Shore” the most. The real joy of the show has been seeing Pauly do different things — and while it was nice to see him get a meeting with G-Unit at the end of the episode, it came after twenty meeting of drunkenness and there was no real buildup to it. The final season? More complaining about Ryan’s drinking, and the drama that comes with that.

Are you still watching and enjoying the show, or does it just make you miss the flagship series all the more?

Photo: MTV

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