‘Punk’d’ review: Miley Cyrus takes on Liam Hemsworth, Khloe Kardashian

Miley was in charge.

“I’m actually not doing anything.”

This is how Miley Cyrus started her episode of “Punk’d,” and it may have been one of the most hilarious critiques of star ego we have ever seen. See? Even big stars sometimes have free time!

The best news is that Miley is a strong actor and has some great comic timing — and with that, she spearheaded some of the best pranks we have seen all season.

Liam Hemsworth – The star of “The Hunger Games” (and Miley’s boyfriend) found out a nasty lesson his prank — sometimes, the police can be ridiculously slow when it comes to trying to take care of criminals. After some less-than-clothed people jumped in the back of his car while he was at an ATM, hilarity ensued as Liam’s fuse started to explode pretty much all over the screen.

As if the nakedness was not bad enough for Liam, he had another problem when the “criminals” claimed that he allowed them to be in their undressed state in the back of the car. Just when it looked like he was about flip the car over, Miley pulled the chute. Grade: A

Kelly Osbourne – In what was yet another stunt that involved a certain part of the male anatomy, Kelly was invited over to Miley’s house only to have the delivery guy suffer a bit of a zipper fiasco when he asked to use the restroom.

This entire stunt was really all based on how gullible Kelly would be to a guy screaming in pain at the top of his lungs — but she bought it! Thus, we had a pretty successful (though hardly monumental) stunt that was made slightly better by the paramedic telling Kelly over the phone to cut off the man’s pants.. Grade: B+

Khloe Kardashian – In what was a rarity for the show, the stunt carried over from Kelly straight over to Khloe — and it was the same exact one about a delivery boy and his privates (even if it was a different guy).

Surprisingly, Khloe was more composed than Kelly when it comes to handling the snafu, and thus it could have been the least-effective stunt of the night (especially since we saw it before). However, she found a way to still same some crazy things even while she was calm. Grade: B+ (mostly for Khloe’s line about “never seeing a white one before”)

What was your favorite moment from this week’s episode?

Photo: MTV

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