‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale review: [spoiler] dies, and we fall to pieces

Crying yet?

When we first heard that not everyone was going to make it out of the “Grey’s Anatomy” finale alive, it was hard not to be worried — but now, that worrying has transformed into incoherent sobbing and the inability to type some sentences correctly.

Thursday night’s season finale was really the equivalent of someone telling you something awful is going to happen, and then you not believing it in hopes if could be somehow changed. The plane crash still happened behind our dreams that it wouldn’t, and then Lexie died while holding Mark’s hand and hearing the words she had longed to hear for so long — “I love you.” In the years of heartbreaking scenes on the show, this has to be one of the most gut-wrenching. Shonda Rhimes decided to go against the mold and not bring together a fan favorite couple for a happy ending — instead, she opened up the tear-gates and didn’t even give us a life raft. The sixty-second moment was simply not enough, and now we don’t know what is going to happen.

After Lexie’s death, the rest of the episode was really a blur — Mark nearly lost his life, and spent the rest of the episode struggling to hold on while the doctors all awaited rescue. It wasn’t looking good — and with that, we turn back to the other setting for the episode.

Back in Seattle Grace, there were some more meltdowns, but they were far less important — April was still upset about failing the boards (at least until Callie cheered her up), and Teddy explained that she didn’t want to move on from Seattle Grace thanks to some of the memories of her late husband that were there. Jackson announced that he was moving to Tulane, Alex said he was heading to Hopkins, and April was forced to deal with even more drama courtesy of her best friend leaving. Ben and Dr. Bailey also had their moment — they were engaged! (It’s good that someone found happiness in here…)

As for the final shocker at the hospital, Owen chose to fire Teddy as a way to get her to check out other opportunities — and she ultimately understood that this was the right thing for him to do for her.

It wasn’t until the end of the episode that the doctors in Seattle even realized that something had happened to Meredith and company, and life was more miserable than ever for them as they waited in the woods without hope. It’s still not clear if Mark is going to make it out of this alive, or when they will be rescued — though we have to believe that they will. At this point, we’re begging for it.

What did you think about this finale, and are you as crushed as we are that Lexie is no longer alive?

Photo: ABC

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