‘House’ finale: Spoilers from Jennifer Morrison, thanks from Hugh Laurie

The end is (very much) here.

As we move forward to the series finale of “House” airing on Monday night, we have a few more details to share about what to expect — along with a rather nice note to the fans courtesy of one Hugh Laurie.

Jennifer Morrison speaks out – First, let’s talk about the return of Cameron! It has been seasons since the current “Once Upon a Time” star has turned up, but the actress tells TV Guide that there is potential that you will see what her character has been up to away from Princeton-Plainsboro:

“In the script, you did see where her life has gone. Some people will be surprised by it and others will see that it’s the obvious thing. I’m happy with the decision. It felt like a very well thought out place to show her in her life.”

As we have already reported, we will see Cameron interact with Jesse Spencer’s Chase during the final episode in some shape or form, but Morrison won’t comment much on why she is back in terms of the story or what happens when it comes to her personal life.

Hugh Laurie speaks out – To go along with this, we now have a rather sweet message from one Hugh Laurie in terms of what he wants to say to the fans after eight years of constant support.

In a new video with NBCUniversal Direct, Laurie shares the following quote:

“I’m slightly nutty about this, but I feel as though I do know ‘House’ fans quite well, because I think anyone who responded to the kind of show ‘House’ is and the kind of character House is … they mark themselves out as a person of excellent taste, but my experience of ‘House’ fans and the audience is that these are people of rare intelligence and good humor and humanity.

“I think people who respond to that, I like you.”

Omar Epps and Robert Sean Leonard also respond below to the same question.

Stay tuned — we will have more from the finale leading up to its air day Monday night.

Photo: Fox

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