‘Survivor’s’ Russell Hantz wants on ‘Amazing Race’ with ‘Big Brother’ star

Could this really happen?

If you’ve following the history of “The Amazing Race,” they have had a history of putting cast members of other CBS reality shows on their network in the past. Brendon & Rachel (“Big Brother”) and Rob & Amber (“Survivor“), are their most popular past teams with a history at the network, but we have also seen the likes of Ethan & Jenna and Jeff & Jordan visit Phil Keoghan in the past. (Even Alison & Donny from one of the early seasons of the “Race” contained a former “Big Brother” houseguest.)

So with all of this in mind, is it really that fare out of the question that Russell Hantz could somehow find a way to turn up? Based in a new post on Twitter, the infamous “Survivor” villain certainly seems interested in running it with a “Big Brother” cast member who also is notorious in his own right:

“Good workout today need to get ready for me and my boy @EvelDick on amazing race @CBS

So would this appearance actually happen? First of all, it’s a little unusual for someone to actually announce their appearance only to later film, mostly since it would give other teams an advantage to dig up dirt on them and use it to their advantage (which is smart from a competitive standpoint) — plus, diehard fans knowing the roster beforehand would also increase the likelihood of spoilers getting out.

Since we are in pure speculation mode here, remember this — while the “Race” has no problem extending their brand to other CBS reality shows, they typically want teams with some sort of stakes when it comes to their relationships. Russell is hardly the first “Survivor” castaway to proclaim “Race” aspirations with a friend from within the same fraternity, but many others have been turned away. Why? There’s no tension between two buddies from a reality show, and the storyline isn’t there as much with a couple who either met or fell in love thanks to their show.

With all of this being said, though, we have a feeling producers would at least consider this. Russell and Evel Dick have pretty devoted fan bases, and they also each have something to prove after early exits the last times they were each on their respective shows. (In the case of the latter, he had to depart “Big Brother 13” before the first eviction for personal reasons.)

What do you think — is Russell on the “Race” a great idea, or do you think that the show should get back to getting all original cast members rather than just people who already have been on other shows?

Photo: CBS

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