Sasha Mallory’s winning ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ hip-hop: the details


If you’ve already caught Wednesday night’s episode of “So You Think You Can Dance” (and let’s hope that you have considering that you’re reading this), you probably already know that Sasha Mallory managed to blow away the competition with a hip-hop routine that was technically sound, emotionally on-point, and carried with it such a mesmerizing quality that you were almost forbidden from turning away.

First and foremost, credit must be given to Christopher Scott for creating a piece that told the story of a couple trying to rekindle the romance perfectly. It was perfectly set in terms of a time period, and it was one of the first times all season we’ve really seen Sasha play a specific character in a very specific relationship with her partner. Maybe it’s for that reason that the chemistry with All-Star tWitch was so great.

We bring up tWitch since he may be the best hip-hop dancer ever on the show, and he certainly has a habit of bringing out the best in everyone. He did for Sasha what he did for Alex Wong last season, and no matter what happens the rest of the way this is a routine we’ll be talking about for some time. (As Neil said, this is a perfect dance for the tour.)

Is she safe? Considering that all of the judges loved it (and Nigel actually used the Wong comparison), it’s safe to say that she will likely not be in any danger. She’s in the category for a time being that her in the bottom three would equal a heart attack this week — just like if we saw Melanie Moore somehow fail to pick up votes.

Here’s what we want to know — who do you think is Sasha’s biggest competition?

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