‘The Bachelorette’: Emily Maynard ‘happy’ with experience on show

Did Emily find love?

Did Emily Maynard find love on “The Bachelorette” this season? As much as inquiring minds may want to know, she is not exactly keen on giving up that much in the way of information just yet (mostly because she would probably have ABC’s lawyers knocking on her door if she did).

However, Emily is at least being nice enough to say whether or not she is happy courtesy of this experience — and it seems like the answer there is a full-fledged “yes.” This season’s leading lady spoke out this week in a conference call with reporters, and suggests that it was a worthwhile thing to do even with some of the drama:

“I am! I am so happy that I came back and did everything. It was the best experience, even just getting to travel so much. And Ricki got to travel with us a lot, so getting to give her that opportunity to see everything she got to see, and I learned so much about myself. And they’re just moments that I’m never ever going to have back, and I’m never going to go through again, and I’m so, so grateful I was given the chance to do it.”

Emily also suggests in the call that she feels as though she is judged differently as a single mom for doing the show than Jason Mesnick was as a single dad”

“I definitely felt like there was a little bit of a double standard with Jason and I, but I was really happy when they agreed to move filming to Charlotte, and I think people will see that Ricki’s life was not really affected at all. I got to spend a lot of time with her and take her to school and do all my mom stuff, plus she got to travel the world and see so many things she never would have gotten to see otherwise. She was very protected through the entire process and I will stand behind that to anyone who has any questions.”

We are still in the early portions of Emily’s season, but moving forward we can expect to see her look for love on the streets of many European cities — that is, after she ends up leaving her home state of North Carolina.

Do you think Emily will end up finding love this season?

Photo: ABC

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