‘Duck Dynasty’ review: Road trips and gator attacks

The laughs continued.

It’s sad to think, but in just one week we will be saying goodbye to our favorite reality TV hidden gem of the year — A&E’sDuck Dynasty.” The whole idea of the show is frankly pretty absurd — while we know that the basic premise of the show surrounds a family who produces duck calls, so rarely do we see them actually do things related to duck calls that it is pretty much irrelevant.

On Wednesday night’s new episode, it was a different sort of animal that Duck Commander CEO Willie had to deal with — an alligator in his mother’s yard. Willie may be great at many things, but taking out dangerous reptiles is not on the last. The comedy came here in watching this gator more or less mock him until he came up with a rather creative way to say the creature away — dragging him via a rather impromptu pulley into the water. Steve Irwin, this man is not.

As if Willie was probably not frustrated enough with the gator, he also had to deal with his brother Jase deciding to take pretty much the entire Duck Commander staff with him to pick up some ATVs — even when Willie told him to only take one person. He also drove up in an RV — the one vehicle that was off-limits.

While this story was not the best one ever created on this series, it did prove yet again why this show is as fantastic as it is — they managed to make a story about someone stinking up an RV after eating a spicy dinner funny, and not something that we have seen dozens of times before in Adam Sandler movies.

“Duck Dynasty” is not a show you really have to think about much — it’s just funny, and it feels like a comedy that just so happens to be a reality show. (Plus, the man who creates the captions has to win an Emmy at some point.)

Are you going to miss this show when it’s off the air?

Photo: A&E

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