Peter Jackson decided against showing ‘The Hobbit’ at Comic-Con

Warner Bros.

While Comic-Con 2011 is going to be chock full of all sorts of popular films, there will be one notable exception in “The Hobbit.” Peter Jackson’s long awaited adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkein novel will not be giving any sort of surprise presentation at the annual convention, and it is for one simple reason — the footage just isn’t ready to show.

In a delightfully honest new post on Facebook, Jackson explained why exactly this decision was made:

“New Line and Warner Bros. were very happy to support a presentation, but I declined, simply because I felt it was too early. There’s so much more of the films still to shoot. I just wanted to get that out there, because I’ve seen various references to the possibility of something Hobbity at Comic Con. Hate to disappoint anyone. But something tells me we will be there in force next year.”

Almost in a way to make it up to the fans that the film would not be there, Jackson did post the third installment of his production video series, which showcases plenty of discussion about the dwarves, Gollum, the set, and finally getting the film off the ground after a long delay.

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