‘America’s Got Talent’ review: Is singer Luiz Meneghin an early favorite?

There were some standouts.

We have already witnessed the big debut of Howard Stern on “America’s Got Talent,” so with that the question Tuesday was whether or not we would start to get more comfortable with him as a judge.

Once again, Howard did a great job — but now that the hype is over, we can focus more on the actual talent — and there was plenty to like this week, even if there were a couple of duds along the way.

The bad

Mr. Special – Yes, “AGT” just spent four minutes putting a guy in a turkey costume on stage and allowed him to toot his own horn — literally.

Kotton Kandy – Somewhere, Nick Cannon must have it written in his contract that he must go out on stage and dance with a bad contestant. After all, how else do you explain the mosh pit that happened here?

The good

David Girabaldi and his CMYKs – For the first act of the night, we saw something truly artistic — an act that combined elements of dance, painting, and showmanship. There are not many art-oriented people on this show, but this guy really elevated it and took the form to the next level.

Cristin Sandu – Despite being only 17, this guy had a wicked chest tattoo — and also a crazy talent for actually balancing on top of a mountain of stuff. We don’t really know what else the guy can do, but this was at least pretty impressive.

Lisa Clark Dancers – The real reason this dance group stood out was that they literally combined hip-hop moves with ballad and humor — it was completely unexpected, and the timing was actually perfect across the board. One of the most innovative dance acts we’ve ever seen.

The magician / concert pianist pair – We weren’t given any names, but what he did see here was pretty darn incredible as a guy hit the keys while sawed in half.

Dave Burleigh – For an impressionist, we were worried when he started with a Nicolas Cage that paled in comparison to what Andy Samberg does on “Saturday Night Live.” However, he got progressively better, and did a pretty brilliant Jack Black, Bruce Willis, and an Owen Wilson that was over the moon.

Luiz Meneghin – We admit that when it comes to opera singers, we have heard better on the show. What made this performance special, though, was seeing this man’s story play out and his dream come true. He was a Brazilian immigrant who works professionally as a nurse, and with every note you could tell how much it meant to him.

Granny G – Only on this show could an 80-year old grandma grab her rear end, rap on stage, and have it come across as a big hit. Is she the Betty White of music? It’s possible.

The janitor – We don’t know his name, but we found it hilarious that a man went on stage, picked up a mop, and then started to play it like a flute.

Tim Hockenberry – While Tim may not be the best piano player we have ever heard, he almost couple double as the twin of Joe Cocker — and that’s not something we would say lightly when it comes to vocal ability.

Punk Beyond Control – The audience loved them, but there wasn’t anything with this dance group that was ne or original — and they also weren’t that tight with their movements upon close inspection.

Turf – We closed the show this week with a street performer who had a story of perseverance, and a crazy talent as a contortionist. We really have never seen anything quite like what he did on the stage … and we’re not sure we can handle watching someone twist their body around like that again.

Overall, the talent level does seem to be down so far versus years past, but do you still think that we will see something great on the show moving forward?

Photo: NBC

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