‘Fashion Star’ finale review: Was Ronnie, Nzimiro, or Kara the winner?

Who is the star now?

Even though Tuesday night was the season finale for “Fashion Star,” the show did not stray from its roots at all — staying once again mostly on the runway as the remaining three designers tried to create clothes designed to best suit the three retailers.

With that in mind, let’s see how Ronnie Escalante, Nzimiro Oputa, and Kara Laricks performed with the pressure higher than ever.

H&M – This was close, but of the three Nzimiro seemed to step out most from himself, while also coming up with some great fashions for both men and women. Kara had a pant with a bit of a messy crotch, while Ronnie’s overall presentation could have used more color.

Saks Fifth Avenue – We find it personally hilarious that Terron Schaefer is being hyped up as the Simon Cowell of this show — mostly because he doesn’t seem to be mean so much as he is honest.

Once again, Nzimiro completely killed it when it came to his designs — even more so than the other two (though Kara was also fantastic). However, Terron did not really seem to like one of the dresses that Ronnie brought to the table at all.

Macy’s – The tough thing for Kara here was that Macy’s is not in her wheelhouse, but she somehow managed to rock this out here — even if there are still some questions as to whether or not she is commercial enough for the store’s consumer base. Out of all the retailers, this race was ultimately the hardest to call. We would give it to Kara and Nzimiro in a tie vote.

While the full showcase was impressive, the buyers were not just looking at what they saw this week — they were determining the winner based on everything that they saw all season long. While Nzimiro was probably the stronger designer this week, Kara easily was the best over the course of the whole competition — and it’s hard to argue against someone winning who had dominated ever since she was in the bottom two the first week.

What did you think of the finale, and do you think Kara was the right choice to be the winner?

Photo: NBC

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