‘The Bachelorette’: Watch Emily Maynard’s first castoffs say goodbye

Poor Jean-Paul.

There are few people we feel worse for in the world of reality TV than the first group of people eliminated on “The Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette.” You put yourself out there, step away from your friends and family, and after weeks of thorough background checks and interviews you end up staying one night in front of the cameras. As a matter of fact, you’re lucky if you have any real screentime at all on the process.

With this in mind, we’ve created this piece as a sort of tribute giving the poor men from Emily Maynard’s season their due — with the help of the “Diaries of the Departed” video to actually help us remember who some of these people are:

Jean-Paul – Despite having a cool name and being a marine biologist (we’re already thinking of Cousteau), all of this and your bushy mane of hair was not enough to do anything for Emily.

Jackson – In the video, the fitness model tries to make himself feel better by explains that there are other women out there, so he is not going to cry over his exit.

Brent – At 41, he was the oldest man on the show — and he also happened to be a dad. Nothing else exciting to say.

David – The singer didn’t even get to sing! The only other thing memorable about him is that he looks like a cross between John Stamos and David Schwimmer.

Lerone – Lerone got himself a pre-show package before he even entered the mansion, and we really feel bad for the guy since he seemed to be genuinely hurt.

Randy – Someone needs to tell Randy that he probably went home for cross-dressing on his way into the mansion — he seems to somewhat get the hint, but someone needs to just shout it in his face and ask him why he ever thought this would work.

Are you going to miss any of these guys, or do you even remember them now?

Photo: ABC

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