‘Community’ interview: Gillian Jacobs, Jim Rash on finale, season 4

The finale airs Thursday.

Let’s hope you love long stretches of “Community.” In an effort to capitalize on the end of May sweeps, NBC is airing the final three episodes in one night Thursday, and it is set to detail the Greendale Six’s full-on efforts to assimilate themselves once again in the low-grade college world. Unfortunately, there is one problem that they are going to be running into first — stopping Ben Chang, who has replaced Dean Pelton with a fake and recruited a child army to help him out.

On Tuesday, we had a chance to chat with both the show’s awkwardly-fashionable Dean in Jim Rash along with Gillian Jacobs (Britta) about their work this season, along with the news that the show is taking off to Fridays in the fall.

Cartermatt.com – First of all, congratulations on the renewal! How do you guys feel about the news, along with your move to Fridays for the fall.

Jim Rash – First and foremost, we have to celebrate what has been a long sort of hopeful journey to what has been a season 4 with the help of the fans. We’ll have to start there and be grateful for the fact that we get to say that sentence.

… I think there’s always something exciting about a small change. Obviously, we’ve survived little changes and moves, and our fans seem to find us. So the hope is just that they find us again and I’m sure they will. They’re a very tenacious group.

Gillian Jacobs – Yes, I think we have to be so grateful for all the hard work [the fans] did to make sure that we came back from the hiatus and got the fourth season. We’re just excited to get to tell 13 more stories and more in the future — we’re the little show that could. You can never really count us out, so God only knows what’ll happen.

Jim, when it comes to what’s coming up, do you think the Dean finds it nice in some sort of strange way that the Greendale Seven actually values him now, especially after he’s spent so much time trying to get all over them?

Jim (laughs) – Yes, he still wants to ‘get all over them’ — some more so than others.

Gillian – Maybe not Britta!

Jim – Yeah, he still hates that she was in that Christmas show. (Laughs.)

I think it’s funny that the theme of the allure of the study group was first played upon in last week’s [psychiatrist] episode [within] the clip show [portion of it]; what really is the funny device [used] is that I as the Dean only [at first] seemed to tell them about the huge things happening at the school, and it’s sort of just played on that idea.

I think what you will see in the finale is that it is the closest the Dean has come to [being in the study group], and there is a sort of study group plan to get back at their school — and of course, he is the reason that they have to. You know, hopefully they won’t remember that.

Gillian, what has it been like doing this whole sort of Britta / Troy story with Donald Glover this year?

Gillian – We have the sweetest hugs on TV — we’ve really cornered the market on loving looks and really sweet hugs. (Laughs.)

He’s obviously an incredible performer and we’ve so enjoyed getting to have these scenes together. There’s not a bad apple in this group, so I’m really lucky to get to work with this cast and really happy to get these scenes with Donald.

Jim – It was often between scenes that they would be rehearsing their hugs.

Gillian (laughs) – Yeah. There were some extensive rehearsals.

Stay tuned — we’ll have more “Community” news leading up to the big finale! Are you excited to see what happens?

Photo: NBC

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