NBC’s ‘The Voice’ winner Jermaine Paul on Blake Shelton, sustaining career

Jermaine's name is now in lights.

Last week on “The Voice,” Jermaine Paul managed to pull of what was for many an upset victory, taking down favorite Juliet Simms and scoring the season 2 title for Team Blake Shelton.

So one week later, how is the former Alicia Keys backup singer coping with the newfound fame? We spoke with Jermaine briefly in a conference call with reporters Tuesday, and he shared plenty of excitement for what is coming up — along with some relief that he managed to find himself as an artist before being thrust into the spotlight.

Cartermatt.com – Do you think that having the sort of experience you do in the industry is going to help you with the sort of transition that comes with now being a celebrity and on a major label?

Jermaine Paul – I feel like being in the background was almost like a trial period. I was able to make some stupid mistakes and fix things both vocally and personally — all the way around. It kind of helped me better myself across the board. I had a chance to do that not in the spotlight, not in [front] of America or in front of America. I was able to do that on my own time, and I feel like every person should be allowed that time to get themselves together, and I’ve been able to do that.

Now, it just feels right and that I’m supposed to be where I am. I intend on holding on to the values and the principles that I’ve learned in the background … I intend on taking them through this journey of being of being a solo artist. I think it’s definitely going to help me be able to sustain it and keep it.

We’ve seen Blake, even more so than some of the other coaches, continue to promote his past contestants, and he even toured for a time with [season 1 finalist] Dia Frampton. Does it encourage you that Blake seems to give so much support to the artists he works with?

Definitely. I’ve gotten calls from other contestants on the show, and they’ve let me know that they have been in contact with their coaches and things like that. The other coaches are very supportive of their artists also, but Blake definitely has a great trakc record  — from last season [with] taking Dia out on tour and even this season [with] having Gwen Sebastian singing background [vocals] for him.

He’s been such a tremendous support to me throughout this whole process and he’s helped me so much on so many different levels. I don’t take that for granted at all.

Would you buy an album from Jermaine in the future, and do you think he was the right person to win the competition?

Photo: NBC

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