‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale reaction: Talk about Barney, Ted and [spoiler]

Where do they go from here?

Warning: If you haven’t yet watched the season 7 finale for “How I Met Your Mother,” you’re best to stop reading now. Otherwise, keep reading for some details about what is going to be coming up for some of the characters moving forward.

While there was a major surprise courtesy of Barney proposing to Quinn in the finale, we also have a bit of an understanding as to how this story will end up going now that it has been revealed that Robin is his future bride — at some point, Becki Newton’s character is going to have to get out of the picture, and the show is no longer going to be able to use the convenient excuse that her job ticks Barney off. When it comes to this story, it’s going to be very much about about the journey that leads Barney away from one woman, and then towards another. (Considering that Newton is also on the new Fox pilot “The Goodwin Games” — which features “Mother” co-creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas as executive producers — we wonder just how much time she will have to film episodes as Quinn. Then again, it probably helps that “Games” premieres in midseason.)

What fans may have been even more surprised about than Robin being the bride, though, was Ted allowing Victoria to bail on her wedding to Klaus — and with that, she effectively did to somebody what Stella did to Ted. So what’s going to happen here? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Thomas explains a bit about what Ted’s motivation is here when it comes to retracing his steps with a familiar face:

“In season 8, there will be an arc of Ted with Victoria. To run off with a bride on her wedding day, you’ve taken out a pretty big responsibility. If you’re Ted Mosby in that situation, that is not to be entered into lightly. We will see that Graduate moment. At the end of the The Graduate, we’re like, “What now? What happens? We’re running away from this wedding and what do we do now with this?” Ultimately, we know that Victoria is not the mom. The audience knows that because he met the mom on Barney’s future wedding day. Ted Mosby living his life, moment by moment, doesn’t know that. We look at Ted and Victoria and Victoria coming back around as that last big door that has to close to move on to the mother chapter. I think a lot of people have that. A lot of people — before they really finally settle down, especially as people get older and they feel like it should have happened by now — they go back to somebody from their past.”

Finally, season 8 will see Marshall and Lily in a loving position as parents, even though there will be plenty of obstacles left for them to face. The real question that we have at this point is if seeing Marshall and Lily in this place is somehow going to inspire some of the others to move forward with their lives a little bit faster.

What do you want to see happen in season 8, and do you think that this will (or should) be the show’s final year?

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