‘American Idol’ notes: Adam Lambert, Jessica Sanchez, and … Demi Lovato?

It's now available.

We are going all across the board for this Tuesday edition of “American Idol” notes, but we are beginning with what is certainly an exciting announcement for everyone looking forward to having some great music in their hands.

“Trespassing” is out – We’ve said it before, but Adam Lambert’s sophomore release may be the most complete album as a whole ever released by an “Idol” alum. Typically these days, you see albums that are elevated mostly on the strength of one or two singles — but nearly every song here is strong, and it’s a solid mixture of fun and personal introspection.

Be sure to pick up a copy online or at one of your local music stores. Adam will return to “Idol” Thursday night, so we’ll of course have plenty of coverage of that.

Nigel Lythgoe talks Britney, Demi on “X Factor” – Not only has Nigel Lythgoe been one of the men responsible for steering the “Idol” ship for a good percentage of its run, but he is also the man responsible for helping to bring on board Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler as judges.

So with his history in mind, what does he think about the recent hires of Britney Spears and Demi Lovato by Simon Cowell for “The X Factor” this fall? Speaking to E! News, he basically claims that he prefers to hire artists with more years under their belt at a professional level:

“I hadn’t ever considered them. I always like mentors who have a lot more experience … Having said that, these two ladies have had so much personal experience; it’ll be interesting. I like someone who’s been there and knows the whole gamut of what these kids are going through and help them through.”

Britney and Demi are sure to bringing in some massive ratings for “X Factor” for at least its first episode; however, from there the question will be whether or not it can sustain the numbers.

A new Jessica Sanchez video – While we have already quite a bit from Jessica Sanchez’s hometown visit to Chula Vista, there’s a new video now online featuring the current contestant at a radio event for local radio station Chanel 933.

While this video’s probably a letdown for those of you hoping to watch an actual performance, it does at least show some of the passion that the people in the San Diego are have for one of their own.

As always, check back soon for more of the latest “Idol” news!

Photo: RCA

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