Fox’s ‘House’ review: The overflow before the finale

How will House cope with this?

House” now only has one episode left — and based on what happened this week, it’s possible that the Doctor may have to spend much of it behind bars. It was a frustrating, emotionally trying episode — but considering House’s reputation when it comes to acting out, it was also not surprising in the least.

What happened was effectively rather simple — frustrated over the fact that Wilson refused to take chemotherapy and potentially live out the waning days of his life in the hospital, House angrily shoved a pair of hockey tickets given to him by Foreman into the Princeton-Plainsboro water system. In doing this, he basically sets off a lengthy chain of events that leads to the pipes getting clogged up, and this causes a massive burst that crushes a ceiling and pretty much ruins an MRI machine. (You know this is not going to be cheap to repair.)

So how is House going to be able to make up for this? There’s really only one answer — by going back to prison. It looks like he will be back to jail for six months now thanks to his brand-new felony charge, and this brings in a rather interesting wrinkle to the story in that this is about the length of time that Wilson has to live.

Without even seeing the finale yet, our hearts are breaking at the thought of seeing House having to say goodbye to his friend, and having to do so while spending his final months behind bars. The sad thing is that before his arrest, the “patient of the week” case involving a young student actually inspired House to start to accept Wilson’s decision, and come to terms with what was happening.

Everyone deals death in their own way — but considering that the series finale for the show is “Everybody Dies,” it is probably going to be staring our doctor down in the face.

Did you enjoy this episode (in particular the stellar performance of Robert Sean Leonard), or are you too emotionally crushed at the moment to even describe it by saying “enjoy” in any form?

Photo: Fox

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