NBC’s ‘Smash’ finale review: [Spoiler] is Marilyn Monroe — for now

Who got the part?

We’ve waited all season for Monday night’s episode of “Smash,” mostly because we knew that there would finally be a decision handed down about who won the part of Marilyn Monroe. Unfortunately, the decision managed to be a bit more predictable than we thought — and it also showed off perfectly the myriad of flaws with this show.

Thanks in part to Derek’s influence, Katharine McPhee’s Karen won the part that she has long hoped to receive — but the emotional impact wasn’t quite what we wanted. She’s been the underdog all season, but yet we really don’t feel for her as much as we wish that we did — and part of that may be due to the way that the higher-ups have jostled around her character like a joystick at an arcade. The same goes for Ivy, who reacted to this snub by downing a handful of pills — we really wish that producers had went more for an angle that was on par with the pilot, where she was somewhere in the middle rather than just someone who was easy to hate.

Karen easily won over the crowd as Marilyn, and it seems that for her the stage seems to be set for season 2. In addition to Ivy, though, we also wonder now what the future holds for the much-maligned Ellis — who was fired by Eileen after he revealed his dirty trick on Rebecca and also tried to threaten her into staying put. On another note, Julia is pregnant — which was a bit more predictable since it seems that this sort of thing happens on TV to people who cheat.

Overall, this episode did contain everything that we love about the show — whether it be the musical numbers or anything related to Derek — but we also still don’t know who we are supposed to like on the show, and we hope that season 2 manages to bring a greater sense of order to the proceedings.

What did you think about the finale?

Photo: NBC

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