‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale review: Meet Barney’s bride (spoilers)

Are Barney and Robin getting married?

Ever since we found out that Barney was getting married on last season’s finale of “How I Met Your Mother,” one question has consistently plagued us — just who is going to be the bride? Luckily, we have now have the answer courtesy of Monday night’s one-hour finale — but more on that soon.

Part One – The birth

Before we get too deep into the storyline involving Barney’s future, we have to look at Marshall’s present — specifically, the birth of his baby with Lily. The first half-hour played out as a rather hilarious sort of mock-clip show, as we saw Ted and Robin try and distract Lily with as many random stories as they could to keep her mind off of some of the contractions she was having to deal with. The highlights? The mystery door at the bar, Barney picking up women as the Terminator, and Barney falling on a banana peel numerous times.

While all of this was going on, Marshall and Barney were in their own sort of “Planes, Trains, and Automobiles”-esque journey to get from Atlantic City to New York City while drunk — which was just about as hard as you would imagine. While the two eventually got on a bus, it was heading for Buffalo — and it took some begging (and some heart attacks from some of the senior citizens on board) in order for the driver to redirect to New York City.

The baby’s name? Let’s just say it was legendary — Marvin Waitforit Erickson. The middle name was decided upon by Barney earlier in the episode, and it remains the most awesome middle name of all time.

Part Two – the mystery revealed

Now, we turn to what may be an even-more important episode to longtime fans of the series — the occasion where we finally learn who was going to become the future Mrs. Stinson. The episode started out, though, with Ted saying that the wedding day “went horribly wrong,” and we were immediately worried.

In addition to this episode being in many ways about Barney’s romantic future, this story also focused on what Ted wanted to do moving forward. He realized that he has been dating the wrong women time and time again, and the only exception was the woman that Robin told him was right for him — Victoria. The problem? She was engaged. Then, the bigger problem was that she was getting set to have her wedding the same day — though she was still somehow willing to take off with him into the sunset.

It was a rather interesting moment for the oft-selfish Ted — rather than trying to convince Victoria to come with him and leave her fiance, he encouraged her to go back to him and say “I do.” Why? It just wasn’t time for them anymore — and he would never forgive himself for allowing her to do what Stella did to him.

What do you think about the finale, and are you happy with the fact that Barney looks to be marrying Robin in the future?

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