‘Hart of Dixie’ finale review: Zoe faces double trouble

Who will Zoe choose?

After nearly taking off and leaving Alabama for good, Zoe made the decision to stay on last week’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” — and it ended up playing directly into what we saw on the show this time around.

Let’s just say that Rachel Bilson’s doctor Zoe Hart was the center of attention for more than one man this episode. After being given an opportunity by Lavon to actually get away from George and Lemon’s wedding by going to Mobile (which George was intent on having at first no matter what — even though a massive storm was coming), she ended up being trapped in a barn with Wade after trying to rescue him from being stranded on the side of the road. When two people with mutual attraction get stuck in a barn in the pouring rain, you know what is going to happen… Zoe and Wade kissed and it was electric.

One thing did lead to another, and Wade and Zoe finally ended up sleeping together after they were “rescued” and taken back to town. The problem? Right after they enjoyed some time together (to put it lightly), there was a knock on her door — and it was George ready to give his feelings for Zoe an honest to goodness chance. He had told Lemon that he couldn’t marry her, and it’s because he wanted to be with Zoe which resulted in George getting punched in the face by Lemon. George kissed Zoe, but it didn’t exactly end in the same way that things did with Wade (possibly because he was in the other room).

We don’t know just who Zoe is going to choose — but it’s safe to say that now, she is going to be forced to make a choice between George and Wade. In addition to that, we have a feeling that Lemon is going to be none too pleased about her playing the role of homewrecker (even though she herself took on this role previously with Lavon).

What did you think about the finale, and do you think it sets the tone for season 2 well?

Photo: The CW

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