‘Make It or Break It’ finale review: The journey ends early

It's over.

As fans of “Make It or Break It,” we admit that Monday night’s series finale was tearful for a number of reasons. Not only were we saying goodbye to a group of characters that we came to love, but we were doing it before we got to see their dreams as fully realized as we would have liked.

Though we are seemingly never going to see the ladies we’ve come to know and cheer for over the years compete at the Olympic games, this episode did at least give us some satisfaction of knowing that all of our favorites were going to be part of the Olympic team — and Wendy wasn’t. They all each managed to overcome some pretty major obstacles in the process:

-Jordan still had to deal with the pain of being assaulted by a former coach, but with the help of some of his past students it looks as though he may now be finally brought to justice.  During her performance Jordan landed her triple dismount with perfection and is on the team.

-Despite her recent heart surgery, Lauren managed to perform well enough to earn a spot on the team.

-Payson took a major risk with her floor routine, opting to be a star rather than just a safe player. Ultimately, it ended up paying off in spades.

-Kaylie had the toughest road of all. After Wendy spiked her smoothie with a banned substance, she was almost barred from even competing — and it even took some support of her teammates (and threats of a boycott) to get out on the floor. From there, Lauren went to Wendy’s room and found proof that Wendy was spiking Kaylie’s drinks in order to get her removed from consideration. Lauren brings the evidence to Coach Mac and the NGO and Wendy is kicked off the team.

Since this was a series finale, you really did get a sense of everyone tying up some loose ends. The Olympic team is set, and the episode did at least feature the happy ending of having this dream become a reality. With this being said, though, it’s hard to still feel as though the rug is being pulled out from under the fans by not having the great payoff at the end of it — you watch these girls compete for years, and then you don’t get to see the culmination of their hard work. It’s sad — and hopefully, the executives at ABC Family will at least give in to the idea of a TV movie at some point in the future to wrap things up.

What did you think of the series finale, and are you as heartbroken as we are that the journey for us viewers had to end now rather than after the Olympics?

Photo: ABC Family

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