‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Christina Cha and Alicia Rosa

Alicia ended up in fifth place.

Despite not making it to the final three on “Survivor: One World,” both Alicia Rosa and Christina Cha have plenty to be happy about. There were a part of an all-female alliance that dominated the game following the merge, and if a few different things had happened, it was possible that either one of them could have been in front of the jury instead.

In a conference call Monday, we had a chance to talk with each of them about some of their moves in the game.

Cartermatt.com – Alicia, you seemed really confident going into your tribal council at the final five. What do you think happened?

Alicia – My million-dollar mistake was really Kim getting into my head about Tarzan. I got rid of my number-one ally — throughout the whole game, I controlled his vote as well as had Christina on my side. I won immunity, and I totally gave it up [by getting Tarzan out].

It may have come across as arrogant, but I was totally like ‘oh my gosh, I’m doing this!’ I messed up, and that ultimately caused me my whole game.

How did Colton getting evacuated end up changing your game? (Alicia was potentially on the chopping block when his injury occurred, though Tarzan was fighting for her to stay.)

Alicia – Colton leaving was the best thing for my game. (Laughs.) That’s how I got Tarzan — and got Christina on the Manono side. At that point she hadn’t been in an alliance with anybody, and I thought it was great that no one had seen Christina and got to spend time with her over there … and keep her [close] just in case these girls were going to play me. I think it worked out for Christina really well, right?

Christina – Absolutely! If anyone watched the show, I was the outsider from day one … making that switch was a game-saver for me to go with [Alicia] and have a chance to make it to the finals.

So Christina, how were you able to actually keep your composure when you were on the chopping block so many times? We often see people in this situation shoot themselves in the foot.

The biggest thing for me was when I observed the guys’ tribe when they sent home Matt in episode 3. I thought that personality-wise he and I were very similar, and when I realize they were taking the strongest person out, I needed to chill out and step down … I didn’t want to show any [element] that I was so excited to be out there. I tried to play it down as much as I could. I didn’t want people to think I had strategies going on. I also was very cautious about talking to the guys’ tribe, since that showed that I was looking for other avenues in the game.

In the beginning, I made the wrong alliance — I made an alliance with Monica, Nina, and Kourtney. That kept going down, down, down. My gameplan was adapting [to different environments].

So how did you really try to save yourself before your final tribal council? Is there anything that looking back, you wish you had done?

It was clear to me when Alicia was voted out that I was going to be gone, which is why in that last immunity challenge I gave it my all. It was a do-or-die moment, and immunity was my saving grace to get a chance in the final three.

… I had a conversation with [Sabrina, Kim, and Chelsea], and I was like ‘let’s be honest here. Is there a possibility of me trying to be able to get in?’ I even talked to Kim, and she was like ‘no’ … those three had an alliance since day one. What made me feel better is when I watched back the show and saw them make a pact from day one … they trusted each other.

I really did feel like I deserved to be there, just like everyone else felt they deserved to be there. So, if anything, I think I played the game with integrity and the best way that I could.

Were you rooting for either of these ladies to win? Also, be sure to check out our interviews with Kim along with Chelsea and Sabrina.

Photo: CBS

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