‘Survivor: One World’ interview: Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson

Chelsea came in third place.

On “Survivor: One World” this season, we saw a pair of female contestants in Chelsea Meissner and Sabrina Thompson who really played pretty decent games. Although they were not always the biggest physical or strategic threats, they generally treated people fairly well, were involved in some moves, and at least competed during the challenges.

Unfortunately, both ladies had one major hurdle that kept them from winning the $1 million prize at the end — one of the best players ever in Kim Spradlin, who earned the respect of the jury and won the game. We had a chance to speak with each of them in a conference call Monday morning, and found out a bit more about the structure of the jury along with some their strategy during the game.

Cartermatt.com – So Sabrina, was getting rid of Kim ever on the table? I know she won immunity [so you couldn’t have gotten rid of her], but I’m just wondering if it was discussed.

Sabrina – This is the #1 question is get. For me, no — I can’t speak for Chelsea, but we formed an alliance from the beginning. My theory was that at the end of the day, I wanted to get to the final three, look to my left, look to my right, and say ‘hey, if I don’t win, I know either one of these women are deserving of the money and will do great things with it.’ I didn’t have the same sentiment about Alicia and Christina — so we went as far as we [could], and then it [was] may the best person win.

I think if we had broken up our nucleus, literally the next person [in the alliance] would have gone next and next. For us to [ensure] our longevity, I think it was best that all of us stayed together.

So did you get a sense of how the jury was voting during final tribal council? I know Kim said last night that she felt less confident about her win while the show was airing.

You play it out so much in your head, and you’re sitting there counting who [you] think voted for [you]. I honestly thought that either I had won by one vote or lost by one vote; I thought it’d be a little bit closer. At the end of the day, I think that if they had been a bitter jury, I would have won — but they weren’t bitter, and she played one h-ll of a game. You have to respect that.

If [there was anyone] I [could] have lost to, it was [good that it was] her … she will go down in ‘Survivor’s’ history books as one of the greatest players ever. To lose to her, I am honored.

Chelsea, are you surprised by how some of the jurors thought that you were cold during the game?

Chelsea – I think that was one of my biggest mistakes [in that] towards the end, I didn’t develop the sort of relationships that I should with people — I just kept my distance a lot and just felt like if I didn’t become everyone’s best friend, they wouldn’t be upset if I blindsided them. That probably wasn’t the smartest way to play the game, but I think people took that as me having a cold shoulder — and I don’t have a cold shoulder towards any of them. It just might have come across that way.

So what sort of read did you have from the jury when it came to your game?

Honestly, I expected last night to play out like it did — I didn’t expect to get any votes based on how final tribal council went and the questions that were asked. I wasn’t surprised at all.

Stay tuned — we still have more interviews to come today, including a chat with Kim herself.

Photo: CBS

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