‘Game of Thrones’ review: Theon puts on a show

Do you take Theon seriously?

It is in moments like the final thirty seconds of “Game of Thrones” Sunday night that we are reminded why this is one of the best shows on all of television. While it would be been easy for the writers and directors to tell us whether or not Theon Greyjoy had captured Bran and his brother, burned them to a crisp, and then flaunted them in Winterfell — however, they instead left the figures unrecognizable and kept it open for debate.

If we had to guess, Bran is still out there somewhere alongside his giant and his Wilding partner — which would in turn help define Theon as the most cowardly (and yet most interesting) villain around.

While Theon ultimately did not have much more screentime than his attempts to try and capture Bran, there were still plenty of other attempts at trickery scattered throughout the episode.

Dany – Little did Dany realize that coming to Qarth would be so problematic. Not only has she lost her people, but Xaro and the Undying have pretty much used her dragons as leverage to take over the city that was once ruled by council.

It’s got to be a confusing time for Dany at the moment — Sir Jory is the only person devoted to her, and he is so devoted that he cannot see the forest through the trees. At this point, we really don’t have any clue how she can work her way out of this one.

Jon Snow – Yet again, Jon ended up making a questionable decision Beyond the Wall. He wasn’t bold enough to kill Ygritte, and to make matters worse he stayed with her and eventually fell into her trap — being captured by some other Wildings.

It’s strange that we root for a romantic relationship between a man and a woman he once held at sword-point, but we do so here. However, they have more than a few problems to work through.

Arya – We did not see too much of Arya this week, but we have to say that her brief back-and-forth with Tywin was fantastic. As smart as she is, though, she is not apparently smart enough to know that she gets closer every day to outing herself as a Stark.

Jamie – Yes, we finally had a Jamie story of substance this week! The Kingslayer came up with a plan to escape from jail by taking out his one-time squire and cellmate, but in the process we don’t really know if he got anywhere. Instead, all he did was make Catelyn Stark angry, and more prisoners interested in having his head on a pole. He’s still imprisoned, and effectively back where he started.

Sansa – While there were a few other assorted scenes here and there this week (including a nice exchange between Cersei and Tyrison), one of the last major moments this week came courtesy of Joffrey’s miserable bride-to-be — who, upon learning that she was ready to bear children, tried (and failed) to hide it.

If there is one person we have sympathy for now, it’s her — but we don’t know if any trickery at all could save her from this trouble.

What moment from this week’s episode did you enjoy the most, and do you think Theon really scorched Bran as he claimed?

Photo: HBO

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