AMC’s ‘The Killing’ review: Did Holder make it out alive?

What happened?

In the case of “The Killing,” Sunday night’s new episode truly had quite a bit of good and bad news over the course of its hour. However, the end result once again showed us that Linden and Holder are another step closer to solving the Rosie Larsen case — even though they may more obstacles now than ever.

The good news starts off with Holder — after being missing for most of the episode, it was ultimately discovered that he was in fact alive. However, seeing him in a rather battered and bruised state did not end up deterring Linden at all. Instead, it just ended up causing her to push harder to try and figure out what was going on at the reservation and at the casino. There was a major revelation made that Rosie had a bit more career experience than she originally let on, and she was also working at the hotel as a maid and a waitress. Thanks to some new intel from Mary (who was the person responsible for finding Rosie’s backpack), we also learned that it’s possible that she has a connection to the mystery 10th floor that was first brought up last week.

Unfortunately for Linden, the bad news comes in that she has been stripped of both her gun and her badge over some of the investigation methods that she has used — which Carlson also linked to what ended up happening to Holder. This is going to make this entire case infinitely more difficult moving forward, especially since there were already so many problems  — including Stan, who is fielding tips left and right, and Richmond, whose politics seem to be muddling up everything in general.

Ultimately, the conclusion of this episode is something that we have seen a million times before — with Linden vowing to continue on the case (and investigate the 10th floor) despite everything that is happened to her. However, what makes it different on a show like this is that you really get the sense of feeling for everything that is going on — including the deep investment that our lead characters have in a case that has come to mean so much of them over time. You can’t feel that in a procedural drama, and you hope for their sake that Linden and Holder can figure this out.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: AMC

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