‘Survivor: The Philippines’ announced during ‘Survivor: One World’ reunion

Who is fan favorite?

Have you watched the “Survivor: One World” finale yet? If the answer is “no,” then stop reading now if you want to remain unspoiled. Otherwise, read on for a few details about the reunion show.

Following Kim Spradlin’s win as sole survivor during Sunday night’s finale, there was another major announcement that came her way during the reunion show — she was declared fan favorite for the season. Troyzan (otherwise known as Troy Robertson) came in second place, and Greg “Tarzan” Smith seemingly came in third.

The reunion show was otherwise pretty standard fare — though despite winning, neither Kim nor the ladies in the final three received much time to talk with Jeff Probst. Instead, most of the focus was placed on such people as Colton (who apologized for his behavior), Bill, Tarzan (who talked about love yet again like he is the Desmond Hume of this season), and Troyzan (who, to continue the “Lost” analogy, was a bit like John Locke). Alicia also apologized for some remarks that she made about Christina being akin to one of her special ed. students, and overall it may have been one of the strangest reunions we’ve ever seen. While we appreciated that there was no Russell interviews at random, why did he we need to talk with Mayim Bialik? In addition, Probst seemed to be a little bit overworked a he mixed up names, and asked Matt a question about voting Bill out despite the fact that Matt was already gone when it happened.

As for next season, the show is going to be heading somewhere new — the Philippines! “Survivor: The Philippines” will feature new castaways, but also some returning cast members. Specifically, there will be three people who were all medically-evacuated from past seasons (as we reported previously), and they will each be placed on a separate tribe. This is the first time since season 8 (the first “All-Stars”) that we have seen this format used.

What do you think about Kim winning fan favorite, and the idea for next season?

Photo: CBS

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