‘Survivor: One World’ finale review: A winner — and one of the best ever

We now have our winner!

Going into Sunday night’s finale for “Survivor: One World,” there was really one question that we were asking ourselves — was Kim really going to pull off a victory? While she was the clear favorite strategically (and in terms of winning challenges), what we were most curious about was whether or not she would do whatever it took to actually win — including getting rid of someone in Chelsea who could keep her from winning.

Rather than doing a straight-up recap, we are instead going to analyze the strategy behind each move leading up to the reveal of the grand-prize winner.

5. Alicia – As much fun as we had watching the aggressively-arrogant Alicia get owned by a blindside courtesy of Kim, this really wasn’t the best move for her to make. She must be really confident that she can still beat Chelsea in the final three — otherwise, why keep someone who is a much bigger threat?

Ultimately, Kim’s justification for the blindside was all about loyalty — much like JT in “Tocantins,” she seems to be trying to impress the jury by bringing someone deserving rather than just someone who is easy to beat.

4. Christina – Before we get to the actual vote, we just have to say that we loved seeing the fallen comrades segment back as a way to get closure for this season. (Thanks, Redemption Island, for going away.)

Now, we have to say that this was one of the most pathetic things we’ve ever seen. Rather than making any sort of legitimate effort to save herself, Christina more or less threw in the towel and said that there wasn’t anything she could do after she lost immunity. Once again, Kim apparently seems to be operating under the idea that she should win regardless of who she is at the end with — and while it is a risky move (and a potentially silly move), it was certainly an honorable one.

3. Chelsea – Really, we had an interesting debate here when it comes to third and second place. Did Chelsea really do anything strategically to deserve winning the game? We thought that she was popular among the jury, but based on Christina’s “why do you hate people?” comment at the final tribal council, this was not really the case.

2. Sabrina – While we didn’t give Sabrina much of a chance going into the finale, we thought she did sell herself well in speaking about her experiences in the past being a teacher in Brooklyn — only to be laid off.

However, she also hurt herself a bit by openly admitting not trying her hardest at times — not only in challenges, but at camp and when it came to strategy.

1. Kim – At the end of the day, did you see anything else happening? If this was a game really about voting for the best, the only way that Kim could have lost is if the jury decided to be some of the most bitter people in the history of the game. She was the best player strategically, and it terms of challenges she was also a dominating force. We’ll have up our rankings of the seasons and the winners on Tuesday — but expect to see Kim near the top as one of the best people to ever play this game.

As for the jury, hats off for overall not being bitter. As a matter of fact, the two people who actually gave the most moving speeches were Tarzan (who spoke about the love for his wife) and Kat, who talked about what she learned during the game. Really, Leif and Troyzan seemed to be the only two people who were bitter at all.

What did you think about the finale this season, and do you think the right person won? Check back later in the night, as we are going to have a full review of the reunion show. We’re also going to have interviews with all five of the castaways from this episode on Monday.

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