‘Harry’s Law’ review: A cancellation reference and more

Shooting at the critics.

On Sunday night, “Harry’s Law” came close to wrapping its two-season run with everything you would expect from the show — compelling cases, interesting characters, and a strong performance from Kathy Bates.

Before we get to the actual events of the finale (which we talk about below), we have to talk about a joke at the very beginning. Harry wakes up at 6:00 a.m. thanks to a phone call, and after she got off the phone, sat up in bed, and made a joke about longing for the days when she was between the ages of 18 and 49. “Harry’s” struggled in this age range when it comes to the ratings all season, and despite its large viewership this ended up leading to its cancellation. (When “Harry’s” filmed the finale, it did not know its fate — but obviously, the producers were certainly aware of the viewership skewing old.)

As per usual on “Harry’s Law,” there were two cases during this episode.

The smaller case – The first case was surprisingly relevant, as it focused on a man (who was a family friend of Cassie) who wanted to donate blood to his brother, despite state laws that he was unable to due to sexuality. Thanks to an impromptu trial that Cassie set up, she managed to get this rule overturned.

The main case – Meanwhile, the primary story this week focused on Jon Bernthal (“The Walking Dead”), who ended up holding a courtroom hostage with his father after being upset over a not guilty version involving a man who allegedly did unspeakable things to his sister before taking her life. Why did he do this? He claimed to have information that could be useful in the case that was never permitted — partially due to the court not looking at past incidents.

Did this end up being useful? Not entirely, as the jury still issued a not guilty verdict despite Bernthal’s pleas and a gun serving as “encouragement” to do what he wanted. When this verdict was read, he ended up having to shoot his father in the leg in order to keep him from taking his own life. It was a powerful end to the case, and ultimately a powerful end to this series.

What do you think about “Harry’s” making fun of what was essentially its own demise, and about the finale as a whole?

Photo: NBC

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