‘Grey’s Anatomy’ finale spoilers: Shonda Rhimes talks heartbreaking ‘Flight’

The finale airs Thursday night.

It’s rather interesting hearing Shonda Rhimes talk about the season 8 finale of “Grey’s Anatomy” — even though the contents of this episode entitled “Flight,” including a tragic death, were something that she felt was necessarily for the series, it still ended up becoming one of the most painful hours of television she has ever written. As a matter of fact, she speaks of the writing process almost as if it was an albatross weighing on her.

Usually, we don’t see showrunners being so candid about an episode — especially one that features a shocking tragedy in it — before the fact. So why is Rhimes doing so? Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, she claims that it would almost be a disservice to the show’s fans for her not to speak out about the episode beforehand, especially due to the painful nature of what transpires:

“We had to write the episode. If I step back and look at it from the outside, I think it’s going to be a very painful and shocking episode for people. From the inside, it’s a very painful and shocking episode. It’s not anything that you expect, and it doesn’t have any of the resolutions that you expect. And the reason why I wanted to say something about it before it came out is because I wanted people to be prepared. I felt like it was unnecessarily cruel for you to think that everything was going to move along happily. I wanted people to be prepared for the idea that something bad is going to happen.”

As we have written about previously, the three people who seem to be the most on the chopping block during this episode are Arizona, Mark, and Lexie — and if any of these people ends up dying, you have to believe that it will shatter the notion of a happy ending for at least a little while on this show.

With season 9 approaching and with many of the primary characters now signed on for two more years, do you think we will be able to recover from this tragedy before the end of the series?

Photo: ABC

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