NBC’s ‘Smash’ finale preview: Spoilers, Nick Jonas in preview clips

Season 1 will be coming to a close.

Nick Jonas is going to be back on the season 1 finale of “Smash” Monday night — and as it turns out, there is going to be a rather important reason for his return — getting a progress report about “Bombshell” via the woman he gave some of his money to in Eileen (Anjelica Huston).

Based on the conversation between the two, there are seemingly two major revelations that come out of it:

1. Eileen is blaming the Rebecca poisoning incident on Ellis — which seems justified based on one of the sneak peeks below.

2. Jonas’ Lyle has his pick for Marilyn in Ivy (Megan Hilty), but there are some questions about how much Eileen knows about her conversations with Ellis.

Our final sneak peek from the finale is ultimately the cruelest, mostly because it shows us the entire journey of our Marilyn from the moment she starts heading up the stairs to when the curtain rises … but sadly does not show us whether or not she is played by Ivy of Katharine McPhee’s Karen. Even if one of them does win the part in this episode, who’s to say that they will still have the role during much of season 2? Considering how casting to this point has been akin to a revolving door, anything is possible.

Based on everything you have seen this season, who do you think is going to end up playing the part of Marilyn?

Photo: NBC

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