Chris Harrison — Emily Maynard took convincing to become ‘Bachelorette’

Emily was not committed at first.

When some people are asked to be the “Bachelor” or “The Bachelorette,” it may end up being a pretty easy decision — however, that was clearly not the case for one Emily Maynard.

What was the reason behind this? Let’s just say that when you are a single mom, there are a number of issues that weigh on your mind — from how your daughter will be cared for during the entire experience alongside just how you want yourself to be presented on the show. Host Chris Harrison called in late this week to Ryan Seacrest’s radio show, and did his best to explain the casting for this season by saying the following:

“It wasn’t us deciding to have her back, it was her agreeing to it! For us it was a home run. It really was a no brainer. I love Brad [Womack], and unfortunately it didn’t work out for them, but as soon as it didn’t we started throwing her name around, and we all agreed. It’s very rare when we all agree from the network to the producers to everybody. This is just a no-brainer. Then it was the task to getting her to agree to doing this. There’s just many other issues being a single mom, and her daughter Ricki…”

Harrison also warned that one of the contestants on this coming season — the man who opted to arrive via helicopter — immediately put himself at a pretty great disadvantage. Why? He set an extremely high expectation that ultimately he had to try and live up to — and that is not always easy, especially when you have also put a massive target on your back as a threat to win the whole competition.

Do you think that Emily will do a good job, or are you just feeling tired out about the franchise at this point?

Photo: ABC

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