‘How I Met Your Mother’ finale preview: [Spoilers] to distract Lily

The finale's almost here!

On Monday night, we are finally going to see the season finale for “How I Met Your Mother,” and there are two minutes that everyone is waiting for more than any other:

1. Lily giving birth to her child with Marshall

2. The reveal of Barney’s future bride

While we don’t have any further information about the latter (and if we did, we still wouldn’t spoil the surprise), we can tell you at least a little bit about what is going to happen with the birth. It is certainly not going to go as planned — and not only is Marshall going to be in Atlantic City when Lily goes into labor, but he is going to be wearing in the process a shirt that Lily hates.

As a way to distract her while Marshall and Barney each make their way back to New York and to the hospital, we get to what will be the substance of most of the first half-hour of the finale — Ted and Robin telling Lily a series of tiny never-before-seen vignettes to distract her from the pain. In a way, this idea is reminiscent of “Community’s” mock clip show from season 2 — but considering how brilliant that was, we really don’t mind seeing it all over again.

Check out a sneak peek of one of these said vignettes below, and get ready for some more laughs on Monday night. Of course, we’ll have a full review not long after the episode airs.

Photo: CBS

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