‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final review: The Mend returns, Ashleigh & Pudsey shine

Who stood out?

The final on “Britain’s Got Talent” is finally here, and there were all sorts of questions — who was given the wild-card spot? Can a dog act actually win?

The Mend – We love how “BGT” handled the wild-card act this weekend. The gave it to a group who truly deserved another shot in The Mend, but they still made them earn their place in giving them the unfortunate “death slot” that leads off the show.

Even though they were first, though, these boys did a truly fantastic job. There was energy, soaring vocals, strong rapping, and a song choice in David Guetta’s “Without You” (featuring Usher) that was a not-so-subtle reminder of how current this group really is.

Sam Kelly – We got a lot of flack earlier this week saying that Ryan O’Shaughnessy more or less negated Sam’s presence on the show — and we admit that this was a disservice to some of Sam’s vulnerability and obvious talent.

While we do think these two vocalists are going to make it harder on each other to win, it certainly helped Sam that his “God Bless the Broken Road” was the best vocal he has given since the competition started.

Nu Sxool – As a dance crew, these kids are all brilliant — they’re aggressive, fun, and they are not afraid to take big risks. Hats off to all of them for getting a routine together in just a few days’ time for the live show.

Can a dance crew win after Diversity? That’s still the debate to us, since we also wonder whether or not that showed that dance crews have a hard time doing anything after the show. The only thing more entertainer than the actual performance was watching them try not to hurt each other celebrating a la last time they were on the stage.

Molly Rainford – When you are in the final of this show, you have to literally take it up several notches from your last performance — and we’re not sure Molly did that as well as Nu Sxool or Sam Kelly. Her notes were a bit slurred at times, and we wanted to hear a bit more emphasis during the chorus.

Granted, the judges didn’t necessarily agree with us, and felt that Molly could even end up winning the whole thing.

The Loveable Rogues – There isn’t a name out there that better suits these guys. They are so easy to love, and their catchy original tunes remind us of a fun little band of pirate minstrels traveling ship to ship for gold and rations.

While it’s true that “Lovesick” (from earlier this week) may be the better song that they have performed, these guys legitimately have a shot at being stars after the show — and it’s not very often that we can say that.

Kai and Natalia – If anything, we blame the “BGT” editors for this performance. After finding out beforehand that Natalia injured herself while rehearsing this performance, we admittedly spent most of the time here legitimately worried here that they were going to mess up.

There were a few awkward moments early on here, and it probably keeps them from winning this competition.

Aquabatique – It’s a little unfair to say this, but whoever designed the lighting for this performance needs to be fired. We couldn’t see a good third of the performance due to the lights flushing the girls out, and we also wish the judges got to actually see this live outside rather than watching via a video feed.

Physically, this act is the most impressive thing on the entire show — and while we don’t think that they will win, these ladies have opened the doors for all sorts of acts moving forward.

Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Ryan has been on a bit of a crazy story — going from “The Voice” in Ireland to this show with songs that he wrote just trying to make a girl love him (even though she is not apparently interested).

It was during this performance on Saturday that we really started to realize how much Ryan sounds like Matt Nathanson coupled with Jason Mraz — and he has the same sort of skill set as both of them.

Only Boys Aloud – While an all-boys choir may not be the flashiest act ever, Amanda Holden is right — this would be the sort of act perfect to show off Wales at the London 2012 Olympic Games. Their music is stirring, and this is without even understanding a single word of it.

If the “Boys” win, they would easily take the title of the largest group ever to be victorious on this show — and it wouldn’t really even be close.

Ashleigh and Pudsey – Blast us for being cynical that these two wouldn’t be able to come up with a new act! We never thought that an act about a dancing dog could actually win this show, but we absolutely love this act and could watch it time and time again.

The more that we look back at the show, the more we legitimately think that these two could end winning the whole competition.

Jonathan and Charlotte – The last act on the final, these two immediately have an advantage when it comes to getting votes. (We also ranked them #1 going into this show for a reason.)

What was interesting about this final performance was that even though they did clearly bring the house down, Jonathan was clearly miles ahead of Charlotte. It’s going to be a close race to see who wins — and if it is these two, it’s going to be hard for anyone to be upset.

Who was your favorite act from the final performance show? Be sure to answer in the poll below, and check back later for the full results! (To view the results — including the winner announcement — click here.)

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