‘Once Upon a Time’ preview: Videos, spoilers from season finale

Everything will come to a head.

We now have our final look at Sunday night’s “Once Upon a Time” finale, and based on what we are seeing in the sneak peeks below, just about everyone is going to be doing what they can to try and make Henry wake up from his apple-induced coma.

First things first, we are going to see Emma rush Henry to the hospital not long after he passes out — but unfortunately, she is not going to have much to tell Dr. Whale about what happened. David Anders’ character informs her that there really is not race of poison in Henry’s body based on what he can tell, so he of course fishes for more information. Emma’s final revelation upon seeing Henry’s book? As crazy as it seems, maybe there is some magic going on here! (About time.)

Henry’s book is going to once again play a role in a later scene, as when Mary Margaret pays him a visit and explains why she gave her (grandchild!) the book to begin with — she wanted him to believe in the idea of happy endings, even if they don’t always happen (as Mary probably knows at this point — even if she doesn’t remember what happened in the fairytale world).

What is particular interesting about this scene is how for at least a brief second at the end, you get the sense that Mary Margaret connects with what she is saying about the book more than she even expected to. Does she remember something? Probably not, but the talk about “happy endings” probably makes her remember David.

Do you think Henry will wake up during the finale, and do you think we will see Emma by the end of this episode finally understand what her role is in breaking the curse?

Photo: ABC

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