‘The Celebrity Apprentice’ finale preview: Clay Aiken makes his case

Clay's a likely finalist.

On Sunday night, “The Celebrity Apprentice” is set to wrap up its season in epic fashion — and out of three remaining contestants, only two of them are going to end up making it to the final task.

So who will it be? We can’t say, but the new preview below showcases Clay Aiken, Aubrey O’Day, and Arsenio Hall each making their final pitches. Each one of them does stand out for different reasons, as they have all done well over the course of the season.

Clay Aiken – We actually think that Clay is the most deserving finalist of the three. Even though he lost once as Project Manager, he has been a part of winning tasks if you look at percentages more than anyone else left. In addition to that, no one on his teams has ever had anything negative to say about him — even though he and Penn Jillette didn’t always get along, the magician was still kind when it came to his abilities.

Aubrey O’Day – Based on what she has done this season, Aubrey is likely also going to join Clay in the final two. While she’s polarizing, it’s hard to question her ambition. She has been responsible for a good many wins and losses, and the passion just seems to be here on a higher level than anyone else on the show. If she wins, she wins big — if she loses, she loses big. At a certain level, you have to admire this sort of dedication.

Arsenio Hall – Based on everything from the editing to his own temper, Arsenio is likely the odd man out here. While he’s done a pretty great job here — and the executives have loved him time and time again — his performance throughout the tasks seems to be a little more uneven than either Aubrey or Clay. We also can’t see Donald Trump “hiring” someone who went on the tirade that Arsenio did — while he is right in saying that he was justified to be angry, there’s no excuse for some of the language he chose to use in the process.

Who do you think should be in the finals, and who are you rooting for to win?

Photo: NBC

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