‘Fringe’ finale reaction: Early season 5 spoilers all about ‘Letters of Transit’

Season 5 is on the way.

Do you want to know what is going to happen during “Fringe” next season? As you would probably anticipate at this point, there’s not much information available. The final 13 episodes are going to touch upon nearly everything that we have seen thus far — but more than anything else, the theme involved the Observers touched upon in the off-kilter (but simultaneously) brilliant “Letters of Transit” that was the 19th episode of season 4. (On a personal level, Olivia’s pregnancy will also play a role — but not to the same extent when it comes to an overarching storyline.)

To try to wrap up all of season 4 — with its frequent time-jumps and even introductions to the creation of a third universe — would be rather messy, but executive producer Joel Wyman (per TVLine) does offer up this nice little teaser about how everything — from Walter’s actions in the finale to the “Transit” scoop — is going to factor into what we see next:

“Let’s say this, without being too spoilery: Episode 419 is obviously crucial, and I can say that everything that you’ve watched for the first four seasons is very important to what is going to happen in [Season] 5. Episode 419 is an absolutely imperative part of that story.”

In many ways, we certainly sympathize with Wyman, who is now going to have to try and deal with the massive challenge he has created for himself in resolving in 13 episodes one of the most complex series of the past decade, and doing so in a way that is somewhat-explanatory while at the same time keeping the exposition to a medium and satisfying the fans who have been there through thick and thick — especially on Friday nights when they could have been out doing something else.

What did you think about the season 4 finale, and are you happy to see what will come next?

Photo: Fox

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