‘Shark Tank’ review: Wild Squirrel Nut Butter, Cab 20, Mix Bikini, Billy Blanks Jr.

There was something for everyone.

The best episodes of “Shark Tank” are the ones that give you innovations from across the board, and we certainly saw that this week with an episode that contained everything from food products to music to even interchangeable swimwear.

It was all interesting — as was the banter with the sharks.

Wild Squirrel Nut Butter – Erika and Keeley certainly have a fun idea when it comes to peanut butter — while putting other flavors into this is hardly a new idea, it certainly seemed to help these college students that their product actually looks (and apparently tastes) really great.

Kevin O’Leary of course went after the business right away, though, for two reasons — not only were the margins bad, but it’s almost impossible to think that two young ladies can manage a business in a competitive field while also attending school. Finally, 10% for $50,000 of the company was just ridiculously high for the money they were earning.

The girls did still land an offer from Barbara Corcoran, who has been rather active this season — she gave the girls the $50K for 40% of their company, and they did the smart thing by saying “yes.”

Cab 20 – Tom Callahan came into the “Tank” representing this rock band, and it was one of the more unusual pitches we have seen on the show. Why? Bands are such an enormous gamble, since you never really know if someone is going to be able to make it big in an industry where so many people lose money fast.

What was surprising is that Kevin O’Leary and Robert Herjavec actually wanted to go in together here, but they simply didn’t offer the $250,000 that the group wanted. With that, Tom took his cab away.

Mix Bikini – We have seen a number of customized products on the show before, but this time around we had a pair of entrepreneurs who were looking to integrate this with swimwear. Of course, the problem was apparent from the get-go, as they were literally hoping to get $50,000 for 10% of a company that really didn’t have any sales yet.

Barbara struck again with this company, and the “build your own bikini” company ended up getting $50,000 for 25%.

Billy Blanks Jr.’s Dance with Me – First things first, this is indeed the son of the guy who created Tae Bo. He has a new dance program that he is trying to promote, and thanks to a complicated relationship with his father, he is worked hard and made the entirety of the business work on his own — even to the point where he was homeless for a while.

The issue here is that few of the sharks here actually had experience in this field, and it quickly just ended up being Mark Cuban and Daymond John who were interested in the business. Billy still did have some major reservations about Daymond’s idea to bundle his brand in with Zumba, who could accelerate his brand and make it successful almost overnight. In reality, Daymond didn’t really explain it wonderfully at first, and Billy didn’t quite understand. In a first for the show, it actually took the two guys leaving the Tank and talking it out in order to make the deal work.

Which one of these pitches were you the most interested in watching?

Photo: ABC

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