‘The Vampire Diaries’ spoilers: More on season 4, Klaus’ return

Will he be back?

Even though the future for Joseph Morgan’s character of Klaus on “The Vampire Diaries” may seem bleak at the moment, don’t count on it being that way forever — at least based on what the show’s executive producer is saying on the subject now.

In a new interview with TVLine, Julie Plec teased that Klaus’ stay within Tyler Lockwood’s body may actually work out to be similar to what happened with Alaric back in season 2, and it is really the fan support for the character that has led to him staying on board the series moving forward:

“Rarely do you have a character that comes in [during] the middle of the series and just explodes and an actor that embodies him so well that people love to hate him and hate to love him. Joseph Morgan as Klaus is pretty special. Though we wanted our heroes to have a victory after all this time, we also realized that there’s still so much more of Joseph Morgan as Klaus that we need to see on the show. We tried to make sure we got both the win for our heroes and the win for our show, which is still having Joseph a part of it.”

It’s unclear just when Klaus will return to his physical form, or how his burned-up body will ultimately be salvaged; ultimately, though, we’re just happy to know that the show’s #1 villain will not be going away forever.

As for some other scoop, don’t expect Elena to be altogether pleased with her vampire transformation by any means — as a matter of fact, she, Damon, and Stefan are going to try and do everything that they can to keep it from happening … even though it may ultimately be a lost cause.

Season 4 of “TVD” starts filming this summer, and should air on The CW in the fall.

Photo: The CW

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