‘The Bachelorette’ host talks Bentley’s omission from Emily Maynard’s season

Bentley's not a part of the group.

Although it has been known for some time that Bentley Williams was not going to be a part of Emily Maynard’s season of “The Bachelorette,” there were still plenty of questions that came with the subject during a conference call Wednesday with show host Chris Harrison. For example, was Bentley ever asked — and was he really even interested in coming back? What is especially interesting about all of this is that a promo released for the show tries to make it seem like he could be resurfacing on the show at some point this season, while Harrison himself makes it rather clear that it’s not happening.

If you want a specific reason why Bentley wasn’t really considered, here it is — it simply felt like too easy a way to cause drama when the show really didn’t need to do so:

“It was definitely discussed and I know our producers have gone through this because it was such an obvious storyline. But to me, it just felt like such low-hanging fruit — not that we are opposed to drama, twists and turns, of course you get them as you do every season — but to me, I don’t know if we ever talked to him. I don’t know how far it got. I really don’t.

“I just know that if he had come back, if he had wanted to come back — which I don’t even know if he did — but he had to have really done a 180 and really shown that he was sincere, because the whole point of this show was not to pull a fast one on Emily, and to do that the first night, especially if he comes back — or whenever, any night, if he had shown up — it would’ve been about that joke and that surprise and pulling a fast one on her.”

Even without Bentley there, Emily still have 25 other suitors to choose from — and as far as we know, none of them attempt to make disparaging remarks behind her back or say that they were hoping that somebody else was actually the person handing out roses.

Ever since his appearance on Ashley Hebert’s season, Bentley has become a bit of a ghost –opting to focus on his life and his daughter rather than trying to give interviews or stay in the spotlight.

“The Bachelorette” premieres on Monday night — and we will have more coverage from the show leading up to Emily’s big debut.

Photo: ABC

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