‘Once Upon a Time’ finale spoilers: What pushes Regina ‘over the edge’?

Will Regina try to fix things?

We’ve been doing our best to present small teasers concerning “Once Upon a time” every day leading up to the season finale on Sunday night — and for this new bit of spoiler dish, we are going to be focusing mostly on the character of Regina (or the Evil Queen, if you choose to call her that).

So is she really as evil as she seems? That has been in the question for much of the past few weeks, as we have seen how much of her actual motivation for her hatred of Snow White stems from how one innocent action of hers caused the love of her life in Daniel to be ruthlessly taken from her. Meanwhile, in Storybrooke we have seen some element of humanity there as she does care for Henry on some level — even though it is tainted by the fact that he knows about her past life and what she has done to the people of the town.

These emotions (plus a pretty terrifying dream at the start of last week’s episode) have put Regina in a rather complicated place for the finale — and things are only going to get worse once she figures out that her poisoned apple tart was eaten by her adopted son rather than by Emma. Speaking to E! News, executive producer Edward Kitsis claims that it may even send Regina throw a tailspin:

“Regina enacted a curse for revenge that left a hole in her heart that she’s trying to fill with Henry … [Finding out what happened with the apple tart] will test her unlike any other.”

We know that Regina and Emma will actually spend some time working together in Storybrooke during the finale, and you should also expect a number of recurring characters from the past — including Sebastian Stan’s Jefferson and Emilie de Ravin’s Belle — to play some sort of role.

Can you see Regina being redeemed down the road, and possibly even be replaced by another Big Bad?

Photo: ABC

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