‘Britain’s Got Talent’ final rankings: Ryan O’Shaughnessy and more

Who is at the top of the ranking?

On Saturday afternoon, ITV is going to broadcast the grand final of “Britain’s Got Talent” — and with that in mind (and in the same vein of what we do with “American Idol” and “The Voice”), we are now going to rank the acts that are still left in the competition.

Expect this to be a close race, as there really is not a clear-cut favorite even though some (see Jonathan & Charlotte) are worthy of more attention than others.

10. Kai & Natalia – They are a strong pair of ballroom dancers, but it is almost impossible for us to see a pair like this being able to actually win a competition when there’s very little new they can bring to the table.

9. Sam Kelly – He’s a good singer, but the presence of Ryan O’Shaughnessy pretty much negates what he brings to the table.

8. Only Boys Aloud – It’s hard to imagine a choir being able to excite too many young voters, no matter how spectacular they are. If nothing else, this massive group should be able to secure some better gigs thanks to the show.

7. Molly Rainford – She is a nice singer, but how do you stand out when there are so many singers in the competition already? Molly is going to need a knockout vocal to performance to rise above some of the other acts hitting the stage.

6. Nu Sxool – Easily, Nu Sxool is the best dance crew in the competition, but memories of Diversity are still fresh in our mind despite it being a few years ago. As good as this group of youngsters is, they are still no Diversity.

5. Aquabatique – We give these ladies credit for bringing something to the show that has never been done before, but at this point we’re also really not quire sure how much more you can do. Swimming is such a physically-demanding task, so how are these four going to be able to train and perfect a new routine in just a matter of days?

4. The Loveable Rogues – A fun, talented trio that should be able to find some success after the show no matter if they win or not. While we are not a fan of there being a glut of singers on a talent show like this, what we do appreciate is that two out of our personal top four are people who are at least creating some original music.

3. Ryan O’Shaughnessy – Speaking of people writing original music, what Ryan has going for him is that he has had an opportunity to find fame courtesy of a pair of talent shows — and he’s also insanely talented. Is Britain really going to want another male singer to win, though, after what happened to Jai McDowall? This is where we are unsure.

2. Ashleigh & Pudsey – There’s a part of our heart that deeply wants these two to win this competition, and we also know that both the betting world and Simon Cowell have made the dancing dog act a favorite. The only trouble they could run into is that four days is not much time to teach Pudsey new tricks, and it’s possible they be at a disadvantage since the feeling of surprise is gone.

1. Jonathan & Charlotte – On paper, this makes so much sense that we almost want to write it as a sure thing. In addition to being insanely talented, these two are perfect for the Royal Variety in how they carry themselves. We know that Britain loves opera, and a singing duo is smart choice both when you look at history and the overall talent level on this season.

Who do you think is going to emerge as the champion? Be sure to share below, and check back Saturday for a full review of the final show of the season!

Photo: ITV

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