‘Survivor: One World’ finale preview: Ranking the final five

Who will win?

With the finale for “Survivor: One World” less than 72 hours away, we’re now going in-depth when it comes to the five remaining castaways. It’s the first time that we have seen all five women at this stage of the game, and there are several possibilities that could play out still in terms of who could end up impressing the jurors while becoming $1 million richer.

With that in mind, we’re ranking the castaways from those who have no chance at all of winning (sorry, Christina) to those likely to run away with this if they get in the final three:

5. Christina – We may as well be frank here — Christina has about as much of a chance at winning the game as Tarzan does of starting up his own Redemption Island and returning by defeating Ozzy, Boston Rob, and Parvati in a physical challenge — it’s not happening. Not only is she disliked by most of her fellow tribe members, she cannot really make any major argument as to why she is worthy of actually winning the game. What blindside is she responsible for? How much has she done around camp? She seems to be the purest definition of “floater” at this point.

4. Sabrina – As a person, we really like Sabrina — and she does have a chance of winning the game based on a likability argument. At the same time, she also has a major problem –if the jury does decide to reward gameplay (which isn’t a sure thing, since most of them already seem bitter), she hasn’t really done much, and has seemed to play second fiddle to Kim and Chelsea for most of the season.

We’re also not sure that it helps Sabrina that her biggest move of the game — finding a hidden immunity idol — went to someone in Colton who not only didn’t play it, but it took it with him as he exited the game due to injury.

3. Alicia – Is Alicia as good of a player as she thinks she is? We’re not sure, but she is a good player and she deserves some credit for that. She’s flipped when she had to, and kept herself safe by helping Manono 2.0 blindside Monica.

If she finds a way to make ti to the end against Sabrina and Christina, we actually think that Alicia has a chance that she can win based on some of her moves in the game. However, we also think she probably has the hardest road of anyone left to the final three. Kim and Chelsea both know she has made some moves strategically, and they would likely rather have someone in Christina who they know they can beat.

2. Chelsea – Believe it or not, there is a scenario where we can see Chelsea beating out Kim to win “One World” if they are both in the finale together, and it all has to do with the jury. We haven’t seen any evidence at all yet that these men are going to reward the person who played the best game, and they could give it to Chelsea instead out of spite.

In addition to that, Chelsea’s so likable that she probably wins for sure if Kim goes home and she still ends up in the final three.

1. Kim – We are more than confident that Kim is not just the best player this season, and deserves to win, but she may be one of the five best first-time players ever on “Survivor.” She’s just done a brilliant job at playing multiple alliances, deceiving, and doing well in challenges. It also helps that thanks to an idol, she has the easiest road out of anyone to make it to the end — though she may have to win the immunity challenge at the final four to ensure her place.

If Kim loses, it will be because she is either not in the final three, or the jury is simply being petty. It would be smart for her to get rid of Chelsea on the way and take the three remaining castaways, but she doesn’t necessarily have to do this to take home the million that she deserves.

Who do you think is the most likely winner this season? Check back Sunday, as we’ll have a video preview of what you can expect for the finale.

Photo: CBS

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