‘The Vampire Diaries’ finale reaction: Early spoilers on season 4

Have you digested it yet?

Let’s face it — we are going to be waiting for a good while when it comes to the fourth season of “The Vampire Diaries.” With that in mind, isn’t it always nice to get a few more details about what we can expect?

(Warning: do not read on if you have not seen Thursday night’s finale.)

For those of you doubting, you saw that ending correctly — Elena is indeed on her way to becoming a vampire. It happened in the books, and the show actually took a bit longer for Elena to get to that same place. As for how she will be able to get accustomed to this new life, that’s to be seen — but expect her to stay with Stefan for a good while after choosing him over Damon.

Also, what you saw at the end with Tyler Lockwood is rather complicated. While Tyler will survive courtesy of some magic by Bonnie, it has also led to Klaus inhabiting his body similar to what happened to Alaric in season 2. (The difference? This time Klaus has no body to go back to pending a miracle.) Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Julie Plec teases that Caroline is indeed going to have a rather interesting reaction to seeing her boyfriend still alive — and it may take her a while to figure out the secret boiling underneath the surface:

“The first thing she’ll be is fairly shocked and stunned and horrified and probably borderline ecstatic but also very confused when she realizes that presumably Tyler will live to see the other end of the story. And then she’s going to be [furious] at Klaus, who is doing some and will continue to do some subterfuge as far as who he’s pretending to be inside of Tyler’s body. [Laughs] We’ll see how much play he gets out of that.”

Finally, you should probably not worry too much about Matt’s fate at the moment — since he is the only remaining main character without any supernatural abilities, he’s pretty much an integral part of the cast as a valuable foil. (For a while, we actually thought Elena was going to choose to be with him again.)

Now that Elena is presumably going to be a vampire, where do you want to see the show go in its fourth season?

Photo: The CW

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