‘The Big Bang Theory’ finale review: Howard, Bernadette, and Klingons

The bride has arrived.

For all of the hype surrounding Howard and Bernadette’s wedding on “The Big Bang Theory” Thursday night, the actual episode actually felt shorter than it really was. Could we have an hour if the show goes down the aisle again, please?

The episode was the season finale of the show, and overall Bill Prady and the writers did a pretty great job when it came to capturing within this moment the spirit of so many of the characters — from everyone being an officiant for the couple to Sheldon wanting to read his part in Klingon to Amy making the day largely about herself. There were sweet moments all around, and at the same time there was still some petty bickering here and there between Leonard and Penny that we’ve come to expect. (We even loved the brief recognition that Howard’s mother has a physical form at the end of the episode.)

One of the other creative choices that worked so well here was the entire narrative coming as a retrospective — Howard was looking back on the wedding while waiting for his shuttle to launch (which it did successfully), and it brought a different flavor to a show that is so often linear. Sure, you could complain about the lack of a cliffhanger or that there wasn’t more resolution for Leonard’s bad proposal — but as far as season finales go, it’s hard to think of one that was this appealing to diehard fans.

With that being said, there is still plenty for “Big Bang” to work on when it comes to season 6:

-Raj needs more to do, as Kunal Nayyar’s character has progressively become more one-note.

-Make sure that the original quartet still finds some time to be geeks — and at the same time, allow the three ladies to play off their chemistry.

-The guys have become rather comfortable, so perhaps it’s time to see some of them placed even more out of their element than ever.

Did you enjoy the wedding between these two, and do you think anything needs to be worked on so that season 6 can be even better?

Photo: CBS

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