’30 Rock’ review: Avery and Jack … together again?

Banks is back!

For the first time all season, Elizabeth Banks is back on “30 Rock” — and the question on everyone’s mind was answered. Did the two stay together after Jack admitted to kissing Avery’s mother? The answer may surprise you.

As focused and anger-driven as Avery may be, she also was surprisingly cool about Jack’s misadventures while she was with away — for now. It was really all part of an elaborate game that she was playing to mess with his emotions — she knew that he would be jealous of a woman she (hilariously) worked aside in North Korea, even though the two had never actually talked longer than on the plane ride home, and that she could use that to get him to ‘fess up.

Away from Avery and Jack updating each other on their lives (and Jack trying to combine every holiday of the entire year into one party so that his wife can feel caught up), the other major story this week also had to deal with a couple — Liz and Criss. While we wish that this was a story that had not been played out already on a certain HBO series with Sarah Jessica Parker, it was interesting to see the two come to terms with the fact that in breaking gender roles, Liz is the far wealthier of the two. Unlike that same aforementioned series, though, this couple seems to be working through it. We weren’t actually sure whether or not Liz’s relationship would work when the series returned, but the more we see of them the more we like the idea of a Criss / Liz family in the future. He’s nice, quirky, and also does not possess the same level of crazy as her ex Dennis.

With just one more episode left this season, we should get the chance to see if Avery is really okay with everything that went on with Jack — as well as if Liz and Criss can actually take a step forward in starting a family. While this episode wasn’t the best of the season, we at least like the direction we’re heading moving forward.

Do you think that Avery and Jack will stay together?

Photo: NBC

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