‘Community’ review: Clip show redux

Will the gang ever return?

Remember when “Community” did their famous mock clip show last year? It’s the episode that effectively spawned the phrase “six seasons and a movie,” and to this day it remains in the top ten when it comes to memorable episodes of NBC’s hit (which, in case you didn’t hear, is coming back for a fourth season).

For Thursday night’s new episode, the show decided to revisit the clip show idea with a rather unique twist — rather than the study group sitting around Greendale and reminiscing, they used some of these “clips” to explain their behavior to a psychiatrist (played by John Hodgman) trying to analyze whether or not the group was actually unstable for being so “obsessed” with Greendale. He tried to get Abed institutionalized at first, and then used a different technique in trying to convince everyone that Greendale does not even exist.

While there were not as many laughs in this whole exchange as there were the first time around with the clips, the episode was still uproariously funny — and most importantly, the show is setting up one of the few long-term story arcs it’s had that involve all of the regular characters. Through their own interrogation of the “good doctor,” they eventually found out that Abed’s suspicion was right — there was no reason for Dean Pelton to kick the study group out of school, since the real Dean would have never done that. Meanwhile, they also learned that Chang was of course behind it all, and he and his child army are now leading the school.

Has “Community” managed to venture even further from the realm of realism this season? Sure, but the fact that the humor is so brilliant makes us not care. There’s an epic showdown brewing between seven students and a community college, but before that happens there is a Dean to be found — and Britta’s probably right about the costume he is trying to make while he waits.

What did you think about this episode?

Photo: NBC

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