‘The Pauly D Project’ review: Dancers and drama

Drama? Definitely.

The Pauly D Project” is a simple show, but it’s also a hard one to figure out — one week, it’s light-hearted fun. The next, it’s cheesy drama that comes across as a ho-hum version of “Jersey Shore” where the drama comes via words and not action.

Unfortunately, the show ventured more into the latter territory on Thursday night with an episode that was less about seeing Pauly in a fun situation, and more about Biggie having to be insecure about his relationship after the entourage tried to convince him to hit up a gentleman’s club. Really, the entire ordeal just felt uncomfortable — Pauly and the other guys looked bad for trying to force him into a situation like this, and we also didn’t learn anything new at all about these people in the process.

The other real problem with this episode? Over the course of the half-hour, nothing really happened outside of this scene. Sure, we saw Biggie and Jerry set up equipment for the famous Vegas nightclub once occupied by Pauly’s personal hero in DJ AM — but we didn’t even see Pauly spin there. The other major plotline in the arrival of Pauly’s longtime friend Angel didn’t start until near the very end of the episode, and by that point it was too late for it to be memorable.

Ultimately, it’s easy to admire what Pauly has done with his career so far, as the fact that he has turned reality TV into being a top DJ is incredibly. Unfortunately, the problem for his new show at the moment is simply that he is such a drama-free guy, they really don’t have much in the way of actual content to show off. The show at times is like a vacant hotel room waiting for Snooki to arrive.

Do you wish there was more going on here with this show?

Photo: MTV

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