‘Grey’s Anatomy’ review: The best-laid plans?

Decisions were made ... sort of.

With all of the stars of “Grey’s Anatomy” already signing to stay on board the show for two more seasons, it really took away some of the drama from Thursday night’s new episode.

Even if we know that none of the doctors are really that likely to leave Seattle Grace, for now they appear to have their minds made up on wanting to leave. Meredith is looking at Boston, Cristina is considering a Mayo Clinic, and Alex is getting set to take off to Maryland. For now, Seattle — and past relationships — seem to be on the backburner in favor of new opportunities.

Is this going to stay this way forever? Don’t count on it. After all, tragedy is going to strike in some shape or form during next week’s finale, and there is a pretty high possibility that the sadness that comes as a result will bring everyone together. There are plenty of other loose ends to tie together, after all — Mark and Lexie are still putting off talking about their feelings, and Jackson and April (who is watching most of her offers vanish in the blink of an eye) also seem to be trying to ignore what happened down in San Francisco.

From a quality standpoint, the stories from the past few weeks have been pretty stellar, and the best for “Grey’s” in maybe two seasons. Why? They are not necessarily trying to tell us that we live in a world constantly stuffed with tragedy. With this in mind, we’re not really sure how we feeling about someone potentially losing their lives in the finale — do we really need a season-ender for the second time in two years with tears rather than happiness? Don’t these characters deserve that?

What did you think about this episode, and the idea of tragedy unfolding during next week’s finale?

Photo: ABC

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