NBC’s ‘The Office’ finale review: Did Andy get his way?

Did Andy get his way?

Ever since Nellie traveled up to Scranton on “The Office” earlier this season, it’s been a hard season to follow. Not only was the usurpation of Andy’s job more than a little ridiculous, but so has everything since — including during the season finale Thursday, when Ed Helms’ character set out on a mission to embarrass Nellie royally by giving her a false sense of security by dressed up as a janitor, and then having David Wallace come in and break the news — he is now the full owner of Dunder-Mifflin, and he has given Andy his job back.

What was interesting about all of this was that the feeling of having this job back was not nearly as satisfying for Andy as he was hoping for. As a matter of fact, he ended up even re-hiring Nellie to run Special Projects, and thus she now has a permanent position that will hopefully feel a little bit more realistic. Wallace is back, Sabre is no more, and it seems as though much of the experiments of the past few years are now gone — though sadly, so is Michael Scott.

Elsewhere in the episode, there was still another major storyline playing out — a plot by Dwight to get Angela to bring her baby to work, which led to him taking the diaper, bringing it across town, and getting a DNA test on its feces. So is Dwight really the daddy? We unfortunately don’t know yet — but what we did find out was that his dedication in doing all this may have led to him getting back together with his former flame.

While it was not directly addressed in this episode, it seems as though this half-hour was the swan song for Kelly Kapoor, as Mindy Kaling has a new comedy over at Fox that has already been picked up. In addition to this, we also said goodbye this week to James Spader — whose Robert California has taken off as a result of a buyout from Wallace.

What did you think about this finale?

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