‘Silicon Valley’ and More CarterMatt Podcast with Jason Prager: Season 2, episode 4

Silicon Valley -

On this weekend’s edition of the “Silicon Valley” and More CarterMatt Podcast, we talk about Harley Quinn. We also discuss whether or not a remake of “Minority Report” for TV is a good idea, and also whether or not the true American Dream is getting paid to do almost next to nothing. Of course, this does by extension lead into a chat about HBO’s “Silicon Valley.”

What makes this podcast so interesting is that our hosts are entering it with a somewhat different perspective than usual. Typically, Matt Carter is the positive, upbeat one about an episode, and will look to defend it despite its flaws. Meanwhile, Jason Prager is the angrier curmudgeon, looking for ways to rip something apart piece by piece. Well, this time around Jason actually really liked the episode. This sparks some good discussion, to say the least.

If you haven’t listened to this edition of the podcast before, it’s a little bit more of a free discussion than some other ones that we do. Therefore, maybe you’ll get some enjoyment out of this even if you are not much of a diehard “Silicon Valley” viewer.

If nothing else, we do reminisce in here about the days of the “Hannibal” podcast, with a nice reminder that this podcast is really only a month or so away! We’ll be discussing everything with the Bryan Fuller series every week, and it is a personal favorite around these parts. There’s also, interestingly enough, a “Hannibal” connection within this “Silicon Valley” episode. We figure that it will not take you too much time to figure out just what the connection is.

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